Week-In-Instagram: Jun 21st- Jun 27th

Good morning everyone! I hope your week has been great unlike mine! We have a spider in the living room and my boyfriend won’t kill it! Ugh, I hate spiders! Why can’t they be cute like butterflies or caterpillars. 😦 Horrible jump scares aside this week has been absolute insanity! Before we get into the cute pictures of non spider varieties I have to get one thing out of the way: This past week we were swatted.

What is swatting? Someone makes an anonymous call to the police saying someone in the house is murdering people or has a bomb or hostages in an attempt to get swat teams (or in our case the local police) to pretty much bust through your door and potentially shoot you. Isn’t being anonymous online a great thing? It wasn’t fun and I implore anyone who thinks it’s a good idea not to do so. It’s a very serious crime and a 17-year-old in Nevada is getting 5 years in prison for doing so. Luckily we knew of this trend and informed our police months in advance. We were not dragged out at gunpoint but police did search our house and are busy tracing this sicko. My dad was also an unfortunate victim of the same crime the very next day by the same person. He’s very upset and we’re hoping to catch this guy before others get hurt. Luckily nobody in the family has been swatted. Thanks for all the support from the few who know what has happened.

Unpleasant experiences aside I have good news for everyone! We have samples! I dug out a few samples that I didn’t use for testing and decided to pack them away in some orders! 4 samples have left since this posting! I still have a handful of scents that I pick out for every order. I try to add a bit of variety based on the purchase. The order I got today is getting my Island Coconut sample! Shhh, don’t tell! 😉

On the national scale The Supreme Court has ruled that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states! Awesome! I’m a supporter of gay marriage (one of my uncles on my mother’s side is gay) and think we should be allowed to marry whoever we want. Who am I to tell a gay couple that loves each other that they aren’t as good as my relationship with my boyfriend? I wish any new couples well in their marriage and hope this brings our nation together. Like my rainbow soap tower? It’s Red Currant, Fresh Squeezed Orange, Citrus Energy, Moroccan Mint, Tropical Breeze and Black Currant Tea.


Speaking of mint… Mojitos are delicious! My mint plant is certainly tasty! 😉


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One thought on “Week-In-Instagram: Jun 21st- Jun 27th

  1. Brideofkangi says:

    I got married so that there would always be someone around to dispatch spiders for me, so I feel your pain! There is a gizmo out there called bug-a-salt that may allow you to kill them without getting too close. I haven’t tried it myself, but I thought I’d just throw that out there.


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