Product Spotlight: Crisp Anjou Pear Wax Tarts

Do you like pears? I like pears. It’s not my favorite fruit but sometimes you get a craving. Like apples, pears come in many varieties from bartlett to nashi to the anjou. The anjou pear is very colorful with a red and green skin that separates it from the usually yellow and green varieties. Did you know that the pear flavored jelly bean is flavored with puree from an anjou pear? If you like a good pear jelly bean you’ll love these wax tarts!

While most varities of pear are green or yellow I wanted to focus on the unique red color of the anjou variety. The anjou pear is a really dark red but I chose a brighter red to match it’s bright and juicy scent! These little squares pack a fruity punch! You can practically taste it in one sniff! It’s has sweet notes with a little tartness and an almost gingerale like bubbliness! I think the pear is an underrated fruit in the soap and wax market and it definitely deserves a shot!

These wax tarts are currently listed on my Etsy site at $5 USD per package. 9 packages are available to perfectly pear with your home! 😉

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