Etsy Review- Lynamobley2012

It’s July and the heat is on! Seriously, we’ve had several 80-90 degree days here in Washington and my office fan is not cutting it! It doesn’t help that i’m constantly in front of melted wax and soap to make more products. I just love the matted hair on the neck feeling! I’ve tried ponytails but my former bangs always fall out and stick to me! Long hair problems, amiright guys?

It’s beyond annoying taking care of my long hair and I got fed up with brain crushing metal and plastic headbands! So I went to Etsy to find a solution to the biggest problem since the dawn of man! Enter the Lynamobley2012. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: This shop isn’t set up quite as much as most Etsy shops you’ve browsed before. I was a little worried too! But, she does have a lot of sales under her belt while still maintaining a 5 star rating. Maybe she just does it as a hobby? I don’t know but I’m not going to pass judgment when she has that many sales! So I order 3 different fabric headbands. A black, dark gray and white one. She offers many styles and patterns and colors but I wanted to start with the basics just in case I wasn’t a fan.

Currently most of her items are headbands but she also sell skirts, dresses and scarves. With the higher pricing of most Etsy clothing I passed on her other options. I just can’t justify most Etsy clothing prices, but that’s just me. Anyway, onto the headbands. All 3 headbands are a different style so I could see which fits most comfortably.

White “bow style” headband: I call it the bow style because it features a fabric loop in the front to create what looks like a bow! It’s really easy to wear under my hair but I might try wearing it over my hair with the “knot” off to the side more. I’m a little worried about it being white though since I’m paranoid about anything white looking a little less white. I’ll update if the color changes with the laundry.

Gray “twist” headband: This one is a little more elaborate with two ends creating a loop like an infinity symbol. This one felt a little tighter than the others but it wasn’t unbearable. It’s cute but it takes a little moving around to make the knot more visible and comfortable.

Black “single wrap” headband: This is just a simple fabric loop headband. I figured it’s practical and if the knot styles of the other headbands irritated me at least I’d have this one. I worn this one all day yesterday and I almost want to buy more! It’s so soft and it makes my giant forehead look a little less giant! Miracles do happen!

Check out my Instagram for pictures of me in all 3 headbands! These are perfect for keeping the hair out of my face while I work. I haven’t eaten my hair since I’ve started wearing them yesterday! Praise be to the fabric headbands!


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