Invetory Update!

Happy hump day everyone! I wanted to make a post updating with some new inventory numbers. As of last night Tropical Breeze glycerin soap has sold out! Awesome! Peach Smoothie was my first sell out but I do have a second batch made and in my shop. Tropical Breeze will not be remade this year! It’s July now and while I adore Tropical Breeze I need as much room as possible for the Fall 2015 collection coming in September. Fear not though because I do still have Tropical Breeze wax tarts and the sampler still offers it!

The following is an updated list of 5 and under quantities of glycerin soap:

  • Lavender 2 bars
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange- 3 bars
  • Strawberry Rhubarb- 3 bars
  • Moroccan Mint- 4 bars
  • Vanilla Bean- 4 bars
  • Hazelnut Cafe- 4 bars
  • Island Coconut- 5 bars
  • Ginger Lime- 5 bars

Time is running out on some of these bars! All of them have been rated 5 stars by previous customers and you can bet a lot of them are returning customers! Tropical Breeze has come and gone but it’s not too late to try these other scents! If you were hoping to get Tropical Breeze and missed out I highly recommend trying Strawberry Rhubarb, Fresh Squeezed Orange and Pink Grapefruit as an alternative. Thanks again to everyone who has spread the word and placed orders. I look forward to the debut of the fall collection and hope to see your order soon! 🙂


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