Sample Clutter

I have a lot of fragrance oils for my business. My lineup started with 20 different scents alone. Add another 10 for the fall collection and some heads would be spinning! But my suppliers enable me with free samples. I have to try them, right? I mean, they could be a future scent for the business! Right? ūüė¶

I counted my collective sample bottles. These don’t include my business used scents. Between 3 suppliers I have 93 bottles of fragrance! 93! How did this happen?! How could I take all these goodies without accounting for space! Some of these I can’t even smell without falling into a sugar coma! I will admit a lot of these scents are good and help me decide future products. In fact, I’ve gotten rid of a few sample¬†bottles with my limited editions! Even with all my limited editions I’m still stuck with endless bottles of blackberries and coffees and apples and pumpkins! I’m going to make more limited editions for fall but maybe I’ll give away some of these scents to fellow soapmakers I know.

Do you have a hobby or job that clutters up your house? How do you manage your clutter? I sorted my samples alphabetically by supplier. While 93 bottles is way more than anyone should have, it looks better when sorted in neat little rows.


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