Product Spotlight: Limited Edition Wax Tarts

All of my Spring/Summer fragrances have been featured on this blog as wax tarts or as glycerin soap. But throughout the season I wanted to expand my line with some lower quantity items to test fragrance popularity with my customers. As of now I’ve made 11 different limited editions in soap and wax. 4 out of 11 are wax tarts.

My wax tarts are made with an eco-friendly soy wax, not beeswax! These soybeans are grown in the U.S. from American farmers across the country. It feels good to offer a product of handmade quality with a focus on the planet. I added a bit of color (except for the Crisp Cotton) to each batch to make it easy to identify when they’re stacked on a shelf or in a drawer. Who doesn’t love a little color?

My 4 wax tart limited editions are Clementine Lavender, Crisp Cotton, Lilac and Summer Boardwalk. All 4 boast a unique take on spring and summer with fruity, clean, floral, and earthy notes.

Clementine Lavender– A floral meets fruity combination for a late night of relaxing in the tub or with a good book.

Crisp Cotton– Summer sheeting hanging on a line to dry. Some floral notes.

Lilac– A sweet floral with a matching purple color.

Summer Boardwalk– A unique combination of breezes, foods and earthy notes to take you to your favorite beachside vacation.

Lilac has 2 in stock and the others have 3 available on my Etsy shop! They are sold for $5 USD and may or may not return once they’ve sold!


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