Soap Overload!

As of today all of the soaps for the fall collection have been poured and are ready for wrapping! My last 4 batches are being wrapped today but all the others are wrapped and boxed! I still have to print labels and photograph them for the listings. That said, it feels good to be done so early. I know once August draws to a close I’ll be able to kick back and relax instead of rushing out sloppy products. Besides, who wants to work on their birthday? Mine is August 29th and I’m sure to be done before then! Opening this business was a gift to myself and it feels great to send out packages to people all over the country and some places overseas! The business is still small and I’m still learning how to manage it every day but I wouldn’t trade my business for the world.

I hope you’ll check my Etsy shop in September to see my new scents. Heck, why not check it out now? My shop has a good variety that’s going down fast! I’m down to my last Moroccan Mint wax tart and I’m fresh out of Tropical Breeze glycerin soap! All of my products have been given great reviews and I have a fair share of repeat customers. They really make the long hours of printing up labels and mixing colors and folding boxes worth it. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read this blog or makes a purchase. Spread the word! 😀


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