Is This Good For Sensetive Skin?

Just in the last week I’ve been asked multiple times “Is your soap good for sensitive skin?” and I think this warrants a blog post. It’s a simple question that has a more complicated answer than most would expect. Handmade soap is different from factory made soaps and each handmade soap business is different from bar to bar. Asking if it’s good for sensitive skin is a question I can only half answer.

Short answer: Yes, from feedback I’ve received from people with various skin sensitivities it has not irritated their skin. My mother has rosacea, which makes her already sensitive skin even more sensitive. She has been using my soap before the business has opened and she hasn’t had any harsh irritation or reactions. In fact, she prefers it to bar soaps and body washes she’s used from multiple brands! My boyfriend also suffers from sensitive skin and the occasional acne outbreaks. He had serious acne as a teen that has since calmed down significantly thanks to dermatologist treatments. However, his skin has also become more sensitive from using so many skin treatments. He was very supportive of my hobby before it became this business. He has had a bar of soap from me for almost 2 years! Not once has he complained about skin irritation or rashes! Trust me, he gets sunburn from only an hour outside!

Those testimonials from family and from customer reviews leave a pretty positive impression. However, you have a responsibility as a consumer to do your research. I can’t account for every skin condition or allergy you may have. The 2 main ingredients in my soap are coconut oil and palm oil. If you have an allergy to coconuts you may have a reaction depending on the severity of your allergy! I have an increasingly mild reaction to nuts so I have to check every product I buy for traces of nuts or nut oils. My skin is very tough and I don’t need an EPI pen for eating a few nuts so oils like sweet almond oil don’t cause rashes or reactions to me. If you need an EPI pen for a single peanut, you may want to read ingredients more carefully!

Another thing to look at is the scent. The difference between fragrance oils and essential oils is obvious: one comes from a plant or flower while the other comes from a lab! Essential oils may be less harsh than fragrance oils when properly measured for skin safety. Unscented bars of soap are the safest option overall, especially for the face! The face is exposed to pretty much everything you throw at it! Fragrance and essential oils could cause irritation even without an allergy!

One last point someone brough up yesterday: “Is this safe for infants?” which is a great question! Honestly, babies have some of the most sensitive skin and I haven’t had anyone testify to the effects of my soap on an infant or small child. Since my soap is scented I wouldn’t recommend it on small children under the age of 5-7 for fear of having a reaction to an artificial fragrance. I hope this has helped answer this question to anyone who has voiced these concerns. Do your research, consider your own unique biology and make an informed purhcase with the ingredients. All of my soaps are labeled with ingredients in the listing description along with every bar being labeled with the same ingredients.


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