Labels of Love!

You know you love the title! I’m full of puns and terrible jokes but my boyfriend just sighs whenever I make one. Everyone’s a critic. Anyway, my labels were a labor of love with all I went through! Paper jams, color changes, triple checking the spelling etc etc… The printer only jammed 8 times! 😦

But I’d like to think all that frustration was worth it for my cute labels. I print them myself but I hope to one day be able to outsource some of the work to a printing company. My labels are nice and get the job done but I desire more from my labels! I want more colors, more graphics! Alas, even with a nice laser printer I’m very limited in my options. Just finning labels that fit my boxes while fitting all the required text is a pain! I try to keep the text a larger size because people like myself can’t read size 3 text without squinting, even with glasses!

The labels are the same as the spring/summer collection with more neutral autumn colors and equally seasonal names. They photograph beautifully and I hope to finish all the photography soon so I can finally sit and have a moment to breathe! Despite the summer slow down on Etsy I managed to make all the products (100 soaps and 100 wax tarts!), make samples, write all the listing drafts, label, photograph and keep up with this blog and all my other social media that I linked below. 😉 I’m not going to spoil the names of my new products but I’ll show you the picture of some of my new wax tarts on Instagram! Follow me there to see all sorts of cute, cool and fun posts!


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