Behind The Scenes: Soap Micas Collection

Rarely does the consumer get to see what goes into their products when they buy from big box stores. The introduction of ingredients labels on food and bath products was a step in the right direction, but how much of it can the average person read? Many people still don’t know for sure what goes into their products! As a small business, I don’t want to hide what goes into my products. I have nothing to hide! If I won’t use it I wouldn’t expect others to buy it! I’m going to show you my collection of micas that I use in my glycerin soaps.

What is a mica? Well, mica starts out in rocks! It’s sheet of minerals that are similar t some crystals. The mica I use comes in a powder form from being ground up and sometimes treated with dyes to get more vibrant or unusual colors that aren’t found naturally. Micas are commonly used in the bath & beauty industry due to its reflective and refractive properties. Did you know mica is even used in some brands of toothpaste and latex balloons? Neat!

I try to source my micas from as few brands as possible. I primarily use BrambleBerry located here in Washington. My other supplier has been Rustic Escentuals located South Carolina. I love the colors they provide  and how closely they mimic the items my fragrance oils are based on.

My Mica Collection

I have every color of the rainbow- and then some! All of my bars of soap use the colors you see in the above picture. Most of my bars are the result of multiple micas mixed together. Sometimes up to 3 different micas to get the perfect shade! Even the white in my Island Coconut glycerin soap uses mica! When you look closely at each bar you may notice a glittery shimmer. That’s mica! I’m always so happy when I get a new color to play with! The upcoming Autumn 2015 collection makes use of a variety of colors- mostly neutrals to play off the common seasonal palette. Is there a color you like in your products? Have you noticed a lack of certain colors? Comment with your thoughts!


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