Product Spotlight: Limited Edition Glycerin Soaps Part I

You may recall a recent post featuring my limited edition wax tarts in my shop. It’s a great post that covers my 4 wax tart varieties that are available in limited quantity in my Etsy shop. I’ve gotten great feedback from customers and some of them may return in the future!

While I only made 4 varieties of my limited edition wax tarts I made 7 varieties of glycerin soap! I chose to focus on fruity and masculine scents to fill in the gaps of my Spring/Summer line of products. For this post I’ll focus only on the 3 masculine varieties to keep this post from being too long.


I didn’t open my business offering any purely masculine scents. At the time I couldn’t be sure my customer demographics so I choose to turn the few scents I had into limited editions. After being open a few months I’d say the majority of my customers are men! As of this post the most popular scent is Bonsai with only 6 of my original 16 remaining! Cucumber Oak and Wasabi are tied at 12 of 16 remaining.

Bonsai, Cucumber Oak and Wasabi have similar clean and green notes but each have notable difference in the overall scent. Bonsai is very fresh and green with some remarking a similarity to Irish Spring soaps. They are similar but I think mine has more of a green scent to it. Cucumber Oak has the fresh, clean notes of cucumber with a darker woodsy oak scent. It has almost a cologne aroma to each bar. It’s stronger than the other 2 scents and has the most woodsy fragrance. Wasabi is very bright with some citrus and spice notes to it. Wasabi really is the only way to describe it! It’s also a pretty good unisex scent and my favorite of the 3! šŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoyed this feature of my limited edition masculine soaps! I will be making more limited edition glycerin soaps for the fall and winter seasons but I will keep these available until they sell out! Be sure to check out reviews and see what real customers have to say about these soaps! Stay tuned for a post about my fruity limited edition glycerin soaps!


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