Week-In-Instagram: Jul 26th- Aug 1st

Happy Sunday! I just drank a lot of coffee so I’m going to move right into the photos for the past week! I’m wired!

After a long break of repeat customers and the same states over and over I finally got to color in a new state! Delaware, the tiny sock of Pennsylvania, finally has Black Currant products! That makes 23/50 states that have my products! Almost halfway! I still have a lot of blank space in the northeast, midwest and southeast. I have conquered the west coast so world domination is imminent! Mwahahaha!

Something that I’ve been doing at night to relax is color in my coloring book. It’s not just for kids! I really like how this one turned out in particular. If you’re interested the book is called Diabolically Detailed Double Pack Volumes 1 & 2 by the company Art Filled Fun. They have a lot of books that range from abstract to flowers to animals. Once I finish this book, which is a long way off, I might buy the paisley one. I love paisley designs!

Friday was quite the day! It was the last day of July and I wasn’t expecting any orders due to it being a slow time of year. I was so very wrong! 4 orders came flooding in! California, Connecticut, Nevada and New York will all be getting new deliveries tomorrow! As a result, limited edition Bonsai glycerin soap has finally sold out! I’ve received great feedback from the guys that tried it and I’ll work hard to make it part of the Spring 2016 collection! This is a great example of customers dictating the products. Until then I still have Cucumber Oak and Wasabi in stock for men. The Fall Collection also has some masculine soaps in the line! I can’t wait for the feedback!

Saving the best for last, yesterday was the first day of August! That means the countdown to my 22nd birthday starts! My birthday is August 29th and I’m bouncing off the walls waiting to go to Seattle for the day! The best birthday gift would be a bunch of orders for The Black Currant! But you can always order early! 😉


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