Product Spotlight: Limited Edition Glycerin Soaps Part II


Part 2 of my product spotlight is here! We’re going to discuss my 4 other limited edition glycerin soaps: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cucumber Melon, Fresh Peach and Pineapple Cilantro. I previously posted on the blog about the 3 masculine varieties of glycerin soap: Bonsai, Cucumber Oak and Wasabi. Check out that post too!



I didn’t just make masculine soaps for my limited edition line! One of the problems I faced when deciding what to open my shop with was finding the right fruit scents. I had a few scents that were very similar which created a bit of waffling. Other scents had a more unusual combination of notes that I didn’t think would have the mass appeal I needed. I created 4 fruit-based soaps to fill in possible gaps in my Etsy shop. I created 16 small bars of Black Raspberry Vanilla, Cucumber Melon, Fresh Peach and Pineapple Cilantro.

Black Raspberry Vanilla is the most mild of my limited editions. It has been made a million different ways by many soapers before. I liked it because it wasn’t a pure fruit scent. As of now I have 10 of my original 16 available in my shop. If you like fruit but feel overwhelmed by sweet and tart varieties this is something I highly recommend!

Cucumber Melon is my more feminine variation of Cucumber Oak. Instead of the woodsy notes of oak bark, you’ll have a bright but mild sweetness of honeydew melon. While having more mild notes, it has a bright sweetness that amps it up more than Black Raspberry Vanilla. 11 of my 16 bars are available on my Etsy shop.

Fresh Peach was a scent I almost picked over Peach Smoothie. Peach Smoothie, one of my best-selling soaps, uses a few green notes with an abundance of fruit to create a mellow, sweet soap. Fresh Peach doesn’t have any added fruit or green note. It’s just that: a fresh peach! It makes my mouth water ever single time! 3 of them have sold in my Etsy shop and I believe it will only get more popular over time!

Pineapple Cilantro is my most unusual combination! Pineapple is the primary note in my Tropical Breeze soap and wax tarts. I love Tropical Breeze but I wanted the exotic aroma of pineapple without being crowded by other strong fruit notes. Pineapple Cilantro is similar to Wasabi in the bright notes with a little bit of fresh greens. Cilantro is similar to cucumber scents with a clean but cilantro has a little more intensity. Pineapple would easily overpower any other green notes but it blends nicely with cilantro! It’s only sold 1 so far but I still think everyone should give it a try!

I hope you enjoyed this feature of my limited edition glycerin soaps! I will be making more limited edition glycerin soaps for the fall and winter seasons but I will keep these available until they sell out! Be sure to check out reviews and see what real customers have to say about these soaps!


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