Last Month of Summer!

The sun is beginning to set on summer and I’m a bit sad. By the time my birthday rolls around everyone is buying scarves and camping out at Starbucks to try the first pumpkin spice latte of the fall. I’m ready for the change in the shop but I hope to clear out more inventory first! As of now my shop has 50 active listings of glycerin soap and soy wax tarts! Tropical Breeze glycerin soap is sold out for the year and it looks like other scents will be joining it soon.

I only have one Moroccan Mint wax tart clamshell left! Lavender and Fresh Squeezed Orange are down to 2 bars each of the glycerin soap! Many others are dwindling close to the end. Towards the end of August I’ll post a poll about what scents will return next year. This may be the last chance to buy  some of these scents! A few will return during the spring or summer but I will trim some of the current scents to make room for new fragrances. I can confirm I will be making mens scents for spring and summer next year! I already have some made for this coming fall release as well!

One more change I’m making is changing the “featured listings” in my shop every weekend to rotate around different products. This week I’m promoting Wax Tart Sampler (2 left), Limited Edition Cucumber Melon Glycerin Soap (10 left), Ginger Lime Wax Tarts (8 left) and Pink Grapefruit Glycerin Soap (10 left). I’m choosing to feature a little bit of everything in my shop. I want to give items that aren’t on the front page a change to be seen and reflect the current trends of the season. I wonder how long that wax tart sampler will last! I’ve gotten great feedback on it and I may make a few tweaks for the fall but it’s too popular to not stay in the shop!


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