Week-In-Instagram: Aug 2nd- Aug 8th

I just finished making sauce and I almost forgot to write this blog post! I’ll have to delay my bath just a few more minutes to catch up on my Week-In-Instagram! I’ve been working on my Diabolically Detailed coloring book again but I haven’t finished this picture yet. I can’t just pick colors willy nilly! We need order! I take my coloring a bit seriously but I always find it relaxing at the end of the day.

It's time for some serious business! I love how elaborate this design is! #ColoringBook #Art

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Speaking of my bath, looks like I’ll get to try out a new Etsy shop today! My review of Nectar Bath Treats will be up later this week but here is a preview of my order! Hopefully they’ll feel as good as they look! The chocolate cupcake one got my excited for my birthday on the 29th. I can’t wait for my birthday! 20 more days!

Smelling good yourself isn’t everything, you need a good smelling house too! I don’t have that problem with how much soap and wax tart making goes on but I still burn a wax tart or 2 in my office. I’ve been blending multiple scents together lately for some great combinations! This one is Fresh Squeezed Orange and Pink Grapefruit! So yummy! Other combinations include Chocolate+Vanilla, Fresh Coffee+Chocolate, Lime+Coconut. The list goes on but those are a few I’ve enjoyed. It’s ideal for using up a leftover wax tart or two without having to go out and spend more money to get new scents.


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