Etsy Review- Nectar Bath Treats

August is one of the biggest months of the year for me! Normally this is a slow time for businesses as they wait for the holiday season to kick in sometime around October. I’ve been keeping myself busy spending the summer preparing for the upcoming Fall Collection! Deciding fragrances, ordering supplies, making batch after batch of products etc etc! It’s been extremely busy so I feel like I’ve only just started feeling summer. 😦

August is also my birth month! August 29th will the ultra-awesome-22nd-birthday extravaganza! I wanted to treat myself for my birthday so why not get a birthday cupcake? Not a real one! A soap cupcake from Nectar Bath Treats! With a website, etsy shop and a physical location in Las Vegas it’s hard not to find them! They specialize in lovely soaps that look like donuts, cupcakes, tarts and more with equally tasty scents!

I’ve been eyeing the shop for quite some time trying to decide what I wanted. The website features more products but I didn’t want to cheat and only shopped via Etsy. Unfortunately I missed out on the blue raspberry donut because of this. Bummer! 😦 I settled on the Peach Fruit Tart soap, Blueberry Lemonade Cupcake soap, a Strawberry Basil Cupcake soap that was being sold super cheap because it didn’t turn out perfect and the Chocolate Happy Birthday Cupcake soap! No brainer on the last one! They do have a vanilla version if chocolate isn’t your thing!

Blueberry Lemonade Cupcake Soap- $0.20 USD- My cupcake showed up with a few tiny cracks on the frosting but overall was very cute! The glitter is a bit much but it does wash off easily if you don’t want to look like you just finished rolling on streets of Times Square after the New Year celebration. It smells strongly of lemon but I didn’t smell any blueberry. The lemon was a strong, tart candy scent. For washing I recommend cutting it in half and using the frosting for your hands and the base for the shower. It takes more effort to get the frosting to lather because of it’s obviously unusual shape but it does eventually give nice bubbles! I wouldn’t buy it again for myself but I would give it as a gift for people who like lemon scents.

Chocolate Happy Birthday Cupcake Soap- $8 USD- It’s a cute cupcake! But unfortunately a cupcake shaped soap is not the easiest to wash with! I cut mine in half and used the cupcake “base” in the tub and the frosting for hand washing! The frosting is a bit stiff so it’s a bit too much for the shower but the base is easy enough to use. The chocolate smell is there but it’s not very strong. It got a little stronger in the shower but not by a lot. I prefer maximum scent power but if you don’t want to smell like you’re bathing in a Hershey bar this will definitely be for you. I would buy it for a gift.

Peach (& Mixed Fruit) Tart Soap- $8 USD- They sent me the mixed fruit tart instead of peach! I contact them the day I got my package and I got my peach one yesterday! That said, the mixed fruit tart smells good! It smells like those hard fruit candies you get from the quarter machines. The ones with the bananas and strawberries and lime flavors. It smells mostly like the banana flavor! I like it! Aside from the little fruit pieces it’s a really easy soap to wash with. Nice, gentle bubbles with this lather. I’d buy it again! The peach? Amazing smelling! The fruit tarts are the best parts of my order!

Strawberry Basil Oops Cupcake Soap- $8 USD- Right off the bat they inform you that these soaps are a failed batch. They’re totally safe to use but they may not be the prettiest soap you’ve ever seen. I’m fine with that as long as it smells good! Mine actually looks really nice and not like an “oops” at all! I could do without the glitter but that’s just me. The frosting on this cupcake isn’t like the blueberry lemonade or chocolate cupcake so you could use it in the shower. I didn’t like the scent at all! It smelled like a really artificial candy scent that I had once. I’m not a fan of the smell but the fact that it was only 20 cents and looks pretty makes up for it! I wouldn’t buy this again.


Overall they have very pretty soaps. The tarts are pretty, easier to wash with and I think they smell better than the cupcakes. I’d order from them again to try the popsicle and doughnut soaps they make. I’m torn on the cupcakes. They aren’t as practical to wash with and the scents were iffy. I’d definately give the cupcakes as gifts but for myself I’d sooner choose the tarts. But that’s just me!


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