August Etsy Update!

It’s time again for another shop update! August is the last month featuring the Spring/Summer collection that I launched when I opened in February. Wow, can you believe it’s been that long? It feels like just yesterday I opened my shop and now I’m over 3/4 to my yearly goal of 100 orders! How exciting! Right now I’m at 76 orders with May being my biggest month with 17. I’m hoping to pass that with the Autumn 2015 collection! Do you think we can do it? I’m hoping the Autumn Collection is as well received as the current line.

Speaking of reception, I still have my 5 star rating with 62 reviews! Only one is 4 stars but everything else has been 5! Naturally not everyone that orders has left a review but I’m grateful to the ones that have. It helps me help you! I can’t bring back products if I don’t hear feedback on them! Bonsai is a great example of feedback making changes. Bonsai, one of my limited edition masculine soaps, sold out and with all the reviews and requests I decided to make it an official launch product for Spring 2016! In the meantime we still have a few male scents in limited edition and the Autumn Collection has some set aside.

I want to remind everyone that some of these products may or may not return next year. Tropical Breeze and Peach Smoothie were my biggest sellers so they have to come back next year but others may not make the cut! I want to give other scents a try to maybe thin out the current listings of the not-so-popular ones. Moroccan Mint and Crisp Cotton wax tarts are down to the last package each! Still debating bringing them back but we’ll see! Fresh Squeezed Orange and Lavender are hanging in there with 2 bars each!  Same with the Lilac and Clementine Lavender wax tarts. Will they sell out before September? Who knows! Other scents are starting to dwindle. If you’re curious as to what is being bought lately, check out my “179 sales” page! Rich Chocolate has gotten a bit of a boost lately with my coffee scents. A new trend, perhaps?

shop page 8-2015


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