Week-In-Instagram: Aug 9th- Aug 15th

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope everyone is having a relaxing day to recharge them for the week. I wish I was! Today I’m clearing out half of my office to make room for my new desk! So after this blog post the PC, printer, folding tables that are being used as a temporary desk, my fall collection bins etc etc all have to be moved out of the office and into hallways and closets for tonights assembly! Fun, isn’t it? I’m already tired and I just finished my morning coffee!

At least I got my peach tart soap from Nectar Bath Treats to reward myself with a nice bath. It smells so good! The fruit tarts smell even better than the cupcakes. Much easier to wash with too! Yeah, I definitely deserve a long bubble bath after the mess I’m going to be making today.

Not much else happened over the past week. I went to the mall with my boyfriend to restock our Yankee Candle collection downstairs. Yes, we still buy candles! We can’t just burn through my wax tart supply all the time! It’s nice to try different scents. I got one of the Pure Radiance candles for my office. Instead of smelling every soap I ever made now I’ll smell every soap I ever made + Apple Chai! Of course no trip to the mall is complete without wandering into The Container Store. It’s a truly magical place for adults. Who knew you needed a box for that? It’s helped me sort out my office to the point where things can be found! I still have closet clutter but nobody can see that so it’s okay, right?

The bathroom had some serious makeup clutter so Container Store to the rescue! These cute acrylic lipstick and nail polish stands were on sale and I’ve seen the counter top on my side for the first time in a while! It’s going to keep me in check from buying a ton of makeup too. I’m not at that point yet but I’ve seen a lot of nail polish colors that may need to be purchased soon. I don’t have any fall colors yet!

Some fall scented candles from Yankee Candle 😁 #Candles #YankeeCandle #Fall #Autumn

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