Clean The World Donation!

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce that this morning my donation to Clean The World arrived at Otion! Otion is a storefront in Bellingham, WA that sells products. I haven’t visited Otion but I hope to one day make the trip and see it for myself. Aside from selling products you can take classes to learn how to make soaps, lotions etc. I could use a cold process class or two!

For the month of August Otion was taking donations on behalf of a charity called Clean The World. It’s a great charity that recycles soap and toiletries for people who may not have access to such simple comforts. They even recycle the soaps and shampoos you get at hotels! If you’re a frequent traveler you may have a chance to make a difference in the lives of others. I encourage everyone to take a look at their website and see if you can volunteer or donate to a great cause. Just to give you an idea of the impact of their work this is the quote you can find on the main page:

“Clean The World & The Global Soap Project have distributed more than 25 million bars of soap to over 99 countries.”

Soapmakers can help too! I donated my cold process soaps that didn’t smell or look as pretty as I hoped. I knew I wasn’t going to sell them and I had too many bars to offload to friends and family. I contacted Otion after reading their work in collecting for charity and how could I say no? If any soapmakers read this blog it would be amazing of you could spare scraps or not so pretty bars for a great cause. I’m very happy to make my contribution to Clean The World and will continue to do so in the future!

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