New Business Cards & Shop Updates

The shop is changing! We have new business cards that have more information and an updated appearance! The design and colors are great and it looks more professional. I still have a few old cards to give out but when the Fall Collection launches I’ll switch to the new cards. You guys voted and I listened!

The shop is still going with the Spring/Summer line but it’s quickly selling out. I only have Hazelnut Cafe items left: 2 glycerin soaps and 3 wax tarts. I won’t be delisting these items but will reduce the price and stick them in a “sale” category. Once they sell they’ll be gone till at least Spring next year. Some scents may or may not return! Some limited edition scents may join next years collections!

I’ll try to release the Fall Collection at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Obviously I can’t guarantee that time due to the unknown but hopefully it will go smoothly! Be sure to check out my other social media for updates the second everything is ready! This collection will be smaller than the launch: only 10 scents in soap and wax tarts. I will have 10 of each available since that’s a good test number. Naturally I’ll remake anything that sells out before the Fall season is over. I will have a Winter Collection coming later in the year but I can’t give any more details this early on. Stay tuned! The Fall Collection is coming! 🙂

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