Still Sick

I’m still feeling a tiny bit under the weather. I’m not used to having sinus problems without having the usual symptoms of a cold. I’ve discovered over the last few days that I’m a big fan of being able to breathe! I am a huge fan of  having clear sinuses and can’t wait for this sickness to pass. Unfortunately I may have passed it on to my boyfriend. He had a sore throat and some sniffling today. Hopefully it isn’t serious!

He has sinus problems a lot more than I do because of seasonal allergies. I feel bad that I may have given him my sinus cold! Don’t worry, it’s nearly gone! I’ve been drowning my problems in tea and some decongestants. Yesterday was my first full day without needing a nasal spray! The best advice I can give you is hydrate yourself with water and hot tea. Also taking hot, steamy showers really helped me breathe temporarily. I hope nobody else is getting the seasonal sniffles! Especially with kids just starting school.

The business is still open and will remain open during any illnesses within reason. I have taken to using gloves when handling things as an extra precaution. You can’t be too careful! My birthday celebration and the debut of the Fall Collection are still on track! I’ll update if anything changes but this cold as it is now won’t delay anything.


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