Week-In-Instagram: Aug 23rd- 29th

Happy post birthday celebration day! I had a fantastic birthday. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it up to Seattle yesterday. My boyfriend and I are still battling sniffles and sinus problems. Turns out the first half of my birthday was pouring rain anyway! Next Saturday we’re going up so we can enjoy the waterfront without being waterlogged! Overall it was still a great birthday and I’m excited to experience all that comes with being 22.

How time has flown! It seem just yesterday I opened my shop and now we’re almost ready to unveil the Autumn 2015 collection! I’ve been wanting to unveil it since July but I’m learning (slowly) to be patient. I’ve posted teaser shots for a few weeks of the new products. No names of course! The next time I post the collection will be out! I hope you’ll check out the new products and the rest of the Spring/Summer stuff! I’ll be putting the remaining products on discount to tempt any out of season buyers. FYI Hazelnut Cafe glycerin soap sold out yesterday and I only have 2 wax tarts left! Looks like people really love coffee!

Since I don’t have any cool Space Needle or waterfront pictures to show off I’ll show you my presents. I’ve been eyeing the 2016 Erin Condren life planner since the new ones released in June. I do have one for this year but I kind of feel out of using it… I tried! But everything with the business and life in general was so uncertain I couldn’t keep anything solid. Now that the business is rolling along and life has balanced itself out I need to plan! I had a lot of cute covers picked out and I got 2! I love both of them! I guess my notepad hogging has gone noticed as well… 😉

Another awesome present came from one of my favorite Etsy shops: FireBird Bath & Body! If you’ll recall I reviewed Brooke’s lotion and lip balms for this blog and I had nothing but great things to say about it. Ginger Ale is my favorite scent of all! I’ve only tried the black plum lip balm so far but it’s just as good as the strawberry tangerine I reviewed so long ago. I love it!

That’s all for now. I hope to see you guys here on Tuesday when I reveal the Autumn collection! I’ll be posting the names right here on the blog but I’ll have the collection on the shop before then if you can’t wait! 😀


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