Product Spotlight: Alpine Frost Soap & Wax Tarts

Another day, another new scent in my shop. Scent #2 of 10 is a masculine scent that can be used in Autumn and Winter: Alpine Frost.

Alpine Frost was a great choice for my shop. I almost pushed this scent off until the Winter Collection for the notes of fresh fallen snow. I pushed for this scent anyway for a few reasons. Pine scents are great for men in the cooler months. It’s so fresh and woodsy! Another reason was the need for contrast. I had decided on Black Tea as my other mens scent for the season. I didn’t want to offer 2 of the same type of scent. Everyone is different and like the variety of floral and fruity for women, I wanted a balance of light and dark for men.

This scent surprisingly makes a great choice for wax tarts! Burning it in your living room is a great escape to a cabin on the mountain during a nice snowfall. The northwest has a great number of pine trees and while we were a little short on snow last year I’m hoping for a tiny bit of snow this year!

The Alpine Frost soap is currently listed on my Etsy shop for $6 USD and the wax tarts are listed for $5 USD. Enjoy the frosty pines before the real snow comes!


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