I don’t know if you guys are aware but I HATE USPS with a burning passion! I’m considering other shipping options at the moment because I’m so fed up with them lately! I honestly don’t know how they manage to function on a daily basis! I’m lucky if I get my mail before 3 lately. I guess I should elaborate on my latest fiasco…

I ordered from Etsy on the 1st for this months shop review. The ordering was smooth and my package was coming from Hawaii via first class mail. Nothing major, I checked my tracking info and everything seemed fine. My package was supposed to come on Tuesday for me to review for today’s post or early next week. Well, USPS decided that wasn’t a good plan! My package arrived to a sorting facility in a nearby town and left… in a truck to New Mexico!

So naturally I’m a tad bit annoyed and called USPS. Long story short: 5 automated lines, 30 minute hold, 1 hang up and one call back later I was told “Oh well! It’ll be sent back within 14 business days.” wow, thanks USPS for taking your sweet time in fixing your problems! So, I’m not sure when I’ll get my package but I’ll hopefully get it next week. I’m not going to take out my rage on the shop owner since this wasn’t her fault. I’m still looking forward to my order and I can’t wait to show it to you guys eventually!


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