Etsy Review- Kalani’s Gems

It’s a week late but my latest Etsy review package is finally here! This month we’re shifting back to jewelry with Kalani’s Gems from Hawaii! In a variation from previous Etsy reviews, Kalani’s Gems sells crystals and geodes and druzy quartz pendants. I really like the look of geodes but whenever I found a necklace it would always look too big or the colors would be obviously faked. It’s hard to find real crystal and geode jewelry that looks good without being a bit overpriced. Thank you Kalani for giving me my fix!

I decided against geode slices because of my small stature and I’m not as into druzy as my mom so I stuck to the various point pendant look. It’s simple and can be dressed up or down very easily. The first item I picked was a teal calcite pendant for the pretty, muted tones of green and blue. It measures about 1 1/2 inches from point to chain loop. The cuts are sharp and even. It isn’t symmetrical so it looks a little different with every turn. I love that no other one looks like mine.

I also purchased a blue & purple flourite pendant and a sterling silver chain. I chose an 18 inch length chain but it can be customized from 16-36 inches! The chain feels sturdy and I’m fine with the look of it. I’m not a chain collector so I probably will use this one with my pendants. The fluorite is AMAZING! The reason Kalani’s Gem caught my eye was the option to choose for some items! For my flourite pendant I had the option to choose which of the 5 pictured I wanted. How cool is that! I’m very happy that I didn’t have to worry about a surprise pendant that I may or may not like the look of. Like I said, this option isn’t available for everything but a lot of her listings have this option. You have to be quick because I only had a choice between 3 instead of 5. I guess she has some serious fans! I love her pendants and I’ll probably use her shop again for christmas and birthdays!

I highly recommend you check out her shop! Just don’t buy any of the point pendants I’m eyeing! 😉

Etsy shop:


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