Decorating for Autumn

Autumn is here to stay until for a few months and many people like to change-up their homes to go with the change of seasons. But decorating for fall doesn’t have to be plastic pumpkins and Halloween flags hanging outside. You can make some easy changes for Autumn that doesn’t break the bank while getting use for years! We’ll focus on a room like my office but naturally these items can be put in almost any room in your home. For this post I’m going to show you some great items from Etsy in the Home & Living section. You know I love supporting small businesses!


Candle Holders

I think we can all agree that Autumn is one of the best seasons for burning candles! I provides great mood lighting as the nights get longer, and the fresh smell of apples and pumpkins puts everyone in a good mood. Sure, you can buy tumblers and jar candles that stand alone but what about tea lights? What to do about those little guys?

Wooden log tea light holder


Check out this rustic log tea light holder! A great piece for any mantle or table, with a natural look that isn’t too themey. This could carry over to winter easily. It’s a beautiful way to display the plain tea lights that everyone has stashed away. You can find these beauties at GFTWoodcraft for $15.50.






Hand Knit gray pillow coverEveryone needs pillows! I have a pillow I keep in my office but the bright teal doesn’t really fit with the season. What about those throw pillows on your couch? Do those really look good all year round? Put those pillows away and try out these hand knit pillows from Adorablewares! This shop provides great looking pillows in multiple knit patterns and colors! Many of these colors can work depending on your taste level. You can go neutral with mocha latte or charcoal gray. If you’re a bit more bold you can try plum and burnt orange. I try to get 2 different colors in my living room to add a pop of color to my gray sectional. This textured pillow cover will run you about $37. That isn’t a bad price for such a lovely handmade item! With such lovely craftsmanship your guests will think you spent a fortune at a fancy interiors shop!




Gold vaseWith the entrance to fall comes a lot of entertaining. Halloween parties, Thanksgiving and just your usual get togethers with friends and family. Maybe you want to display a nice floral arrangement on your table, or fill your shelves with lovely items. How about a pretty, functional vase! A vase is a great item for a dining room table, a mantle piece or just sitting pretty on an end table. I’m in love with this gold vase from LizsShop for Autumn! You can choose a distress or non distress look for a more rustic or glamorous decor. All for only $22! I’ve seen similar vases for 3 times that price!





Wall Art

Modern canvas art


Everyone has that bare spot on their walls. Or maybe you have a picture frame or a painting that you just don’t love as much as you used to. Wall art is a great way to change the look and feel of an entire room. Why not jazz up those walls with a bit of texture! ModernHouseArt has you covered with beautiful textured modern art! With multiple color options, you can coordinate it to existing furnishings with ease. If you have a large wall space, buy 2-4 for a feature wall! Like a lot of wall art, this will run a bit higher than the other items I have featured for $175. I’ve seen much more expensive art with a similar look. Don’t let the price tag scare you! Not only are the color options large, but you can also choose the size! Nobody else on the block will have one of these babies. Especially on real canvas!




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