Boxes & Boxes! Supplies Packages!

I’m not even a full month into showing off the autumn 2015 collection and burying myself in supplies for this winter! Being a business owner is very jarring sometimes. While everyone was thinking iced coffee and citrus fruits in August I was elbows deep in packaging Pumpkin Spice wax tarts! It’s hard to set my mind a season ahead. It’s not easy being several months ahead of the calendar.

I don’t have much time for being out of sorts now that September is more than half way though. I have to get started on the Winter/Holiday 2015 collection! This week was box after box of supplies. I have 4 big boxes just from one supplier!  Mostly new fragrances. 10 new fragrances like Autumn 2015 collection. I sat down with my boyfriend weeks ago and we sorted out what we did and didn’t need for the shop. Some scents that just didn’t make it for Autumn are going to make their debut for winter! I’m very excited that a previously cut fragrances I loved will be joining the shop!

The Winter collection will be a little different from the Autumn collection in that it will not debut on the first of December! As of now it is scheduled to debut sometime in November. The reason for that is mostly my international customers. It is very difficult for them to get packages in less than 1-2 weeks on a normal day but customs gets flooded around the holidays. I’m hoping this early release helps customers get Christmas packages a little bit sooner. So everyone wins! Except me, because I’m still a season ahead of everyone else… At least I’ll get spring and summer early…


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