Handmade Beauty Box- September 2015- Mud Mask

Finally! Sorry for the late posting of this months Handmade Beauty Box! After a very long wait my box finally came. Good thing I live in Washington or you’d be seeing the September box in October! If you don’t know about the recent shipping changes for the Handmade Beauty Box check out my post on the new changes. Anyway, the new box is here with a product I’ve tried in the past but never made: Mud masks!

A lot of women use mud masks for spa like beauty treatments and just about every woman has heard of the great skin benefits of a mud mask! My skin is naturally oily so mud masks with clays in them help draw out excess oils without drying out my skin. I love mud masks! Easy to put on (but slightly messy) and easy to wash off without wasting a ton of time! This particular box has two different clays in them: kaolin and sea clay. Kaolin clay is a great clay for oily skin but it’s not a art class muddy clay, it’s a powder! Sea clay is a darker, more earthy smelling clay that acts as a great exfoliator without being too scratchy for sensitive skin.

I’m not in love with this project overall. The sea clay has a very earthy smell that I just couldn’t get past. You may not have a problem with it but it was a little too much on top of the strong tea tree oil smell. I find tea tree oil to be a very difficult scent to handle in large quantities and would suggest those with sensitive skin or noses to use the minimum 1 ml. Aside from the smell I really can’t complain about this project. You don’t have to choose between a wet or dry mask, the ingredients are great for multiple skin types and it’s a more practical beauty treatment for the everyday woman. Can’t wait for next months project!


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