Product Spotlight: Cranberry Chutney Soap & Wax Tarts

Mmm, I love the taste of a hot meal in the fall. Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the season for a delicious meal. The turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce! My mouth is watering! I’ve captured that mouth-watering taste into the scent of my latest creation: Cranberry Chutney.

This scent isn’t quite your traditional Thanksgiving side dish. I wanted a scent that would stand out more without smelling overly tart from cranberries. I searched for a great cranberry scent and I found it! It starts with the traditional cranberry notes but is heightened with spices, vanilla, golden raisin, cooked apples and concord grape laying on a bed of light musk to ground this fragrance. Don’t worry, the musk doesn’t overwhelm you in this soap!

This has to be in my top 3 best wax tart scents for this collection. It’s almost as if this scent was made to wax tarts! It has a bright, festive touch that would be great for parties. I’ve burned it in my living room and office a few times. It’s very versatile as a scent but I wouldn’t recommend it for the bedroom- it makes me too hungry!

The Cranberry Chutney soap is currently listed on my Etsy shop for $6 USD and the wax tarts are listed for $5 USD. Get an early taste of your mothers famous cranberry sauce with this tasty scent!


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