Product Spotlight: Gingersnap Soap & Wax Tarts

What can you say about gingersnaps that hasn’t already been said? They’re delicious, spicy and the perfect treat with some apple cider and a warm fire. How could I pass this scent up when it came across my desk? I love foodie scents and very few sum up the scent of autumn like a delicious gingersnap! I still remember my mom buying gingersnaps as one of the few cookies she liked. I guess she is the reason I still love them to this day.

I made a few testers of this scent and gave some to family members for feedback. My dad loved this scent! This may be his favorite scent of all time. He begged me to make more of them again. Who can argue with rave reviews like that? Not me! I don’t know anyone to turn down gingersnap. The scent is warm and comforting like a good book by the fire.

If you can handle a little mouth-watering I’d burn this scent in the living room all day! Blends of caraway seed, cinnamon, cardamom and vanilla warm up the room without smelling like you’re trapped in the spice cabinet. It’s also a great way to pass off those store-bought cookies as fresh-baked! Maybe I will burn some of these wax tarts while I sit by my fireplace! That sounds like a good way to end today… even if it has barely started.

The Gingersnap soap is currently listed on my Etsy shop for $6 USD and the wax tarts are listed for $5 USD. Save a few calories by reaching for this yummy scented treat!


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