Behind The Scenes: Winter 2015 Collection




The Winter/Holiday 2015 collection is being produced this month! The entire month of October will be dedicated to melting, mixing and pouring in preparation for the mid-November launch of the collection. Why mid-November? The simple answer: shipping! Since I’ve started shipping internationally I’ve noted the timeline between the package arriving at the post office to the doorstep of John Doe in England or Australia. In most cases it seems to take about 2 weeks. 2 weeks are a long time to wait for a package and that timeline will only increase as we get closer to the holidays! Customs is bombarded when it comes time to the holidays. Loved ones are sending gifts as well as businesses shipping internationally. They just can’t keep up! I’m hoping this early release will allow international customers the chance to make purchases that will arrive in time for Christmas. I’ll update more on that as we get closer to the launch date.
Winter Promo 3

In the meantime it’s practically Christmas in the kitchen! Wax tarts and glycerin soaps are being cranked out like I’m one of Santa’s elves! It’s a lot of work and the pressure is on with 2 weeks cut from my usual deadline but I’m not too worried. I’ve worked under pressure before and this isn’t my first time launching new products for the season. I’m a bit nervous about the timeline for the sake of photography. The weather is very bad for photographs right now and I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll have good lighting for a proper photo shoot. Normally I like to take a day to shoot my soaps and a second day to shoot my wax tarts. If this dark, gloomy weather persists I may just have to photograph what I can whenever the opportunity presents itself!

Winter Promo 4

I have to say that I’m pleased with these initial 4 batches of soap from yesterday. The colors are great and the swirls are beautiful. I was a bit worried about the swirl on some of my soaps but I can’t really control it without blending it into one not-so-pretty color. I’m unsure if the smaller soaps will continue to be used as samples. I’ve gotten a few requests for a soap sampler similar to my previously made wax tart sampler. I may discontinue free samples in favor of this decision. I’d love input on this! I think more people would rather have a sampler of 4-5 items for a few dollars versus 1 free random sample. I’ll ask some of my repeat customers about this before I make an official decision.

As usual I won’t give out spoilers of the soaps in the picture. I’d love to hear your guesses though! Some may be more obvious than others. The sample designs may be very deceiving though. 😉


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