Week-In-Instagram: Oct 4th- Oct10th

The first full week of October has come and gone almost instantly. It sure ended on a wet note here in Washington! Downpours all day on and off! Obviously it has to rain on the day I made plans to go pumpkin picking with my boyfriend. Ugh, the sunny weather today just rubs it in more. We’ll try again on Saturday! But in the meantime I have some big update this week on the Week-In-Instagram.

Production on my Winter wax tarts has come to a close. I powered through this past week and managed to crank out all 10 batches of wax tarts for the upcoming Winter collection! I’m so happy to have gotten such a big task out-of-the-way this early. The colors are great and the scents are amazing choices for the holiday season. I’ll have to find time this week to label them and follow-up with a wax tart photo shoot. Hopefully I can have more sunny days like this!

Since I finished wax tart production so early, I got a jumpstart on the soaps . Here is a sneak peek of some sample soaps with my new Wilton snowflake mold! I can’t tell you what this new soap is, but man is it fragrant! My boyfriend could smell it from all the way upstairs when I was making it! Thankfully it mellows out after they’ve cooled down. I’m still a bit farther behind on the soap making than I’d like to be but I may be able to finish this week. With the help of a few cups of coffee, of course. 😉

I have a huge announcement to finish off this weekly review! I have finally hit 100 orders! I am beyond excited to hit this milestone! My goal for the year was going to be 100 orders just to keep it modest. I wasn’t sure how much interest I could generate for my shop with my lack of Etsy experience and late February opening. I couldn’t be happier and I want to pass the good news to customers! Until the end of the year, CELEBRATE100 will take 10% off your order of $20 or more until the end of this year! Yes, the end of this year! You can order from the Fall collection now, Christmas gifts for family in November, and a special treat for yourself in December and save every time! Thanks again everyone for your help in making my first year on Etsy a great one!


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