Winter Collection Update!

I have an update for everyone concerning the upcoming Winter Collection! The other night I finished making the last of the glycerin soaps for the new collection. Last night I spent the evening wrapping some of them and by the end of this week they’ll be packaged up and ready for a photo shoot! When that photo shoot happens is up to the weather. Today is pleasantly sunny and not as cold but not all of my products are ready for photographing. I may photograph a few of my limited editions that didn’t make the first photo shoot.

In regards to limited editions I have another semi update. So far I have 2 new limited edition wax tarts in the shop: Butterscotch Rum Brittle and Snickerdoodle. Next monday I will be adding a new glycerin soap to the shop! I have 2 glycerin soaps to add as limited editions to round off the year. I have 3 more wax tarts that will be listed later on. These wax tarts smell amazing! Butterscotch Rum Brittle is one of my favorites but I really love snickerdoodles cookies. Honestly I’d buy both, and not just because I made them! 😉

I’ll keep everyone posted once photos are taken for the Winter Collection and check my shop every Monday for a new limited edition listing!


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Instagram: @theblackcurrantshop

Twitter: @BlackCurrantWA



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