Week-In-Instagram: Oct 11th- Oct 17th

Yet another dark and gloomy sunday morning. Saturday wasn’t much better, storm clouds and rain all day as well. Unfortunately that means the plans for the pumpkin patch this year have officially been squashed. It’s a shame but hopefully next year we can go. We’re working on a replacement for a real pumpkin. We tried to find one at the grocery store but all of them were covered in mold! Yuck! You’d think a certain West Coast chain would wan to get rid of that stuff but my local store has really been dropping the ball lately. That’s a story for another day though!

The Winter 2015 collection has been completed this week! I’m happy to have this manufacturing portion done so early since my photo shoot days seem to be dwindling during the rainy autumn in Washington state. All of my new glycerin soaps have been wrapped and packed and my wax clamshells have been stacked. Maybe sometime next week I’ll have a decent amount of sunlight and I can start photography! I’m keeping my fingers crossed every day that the weather will break for just a few hours.

Like I said, everything is wrapped and packed! Once my soaps are fully dry I spend hours sliding them into the shrink wrap bands, heating the bands until they’re nice and snug, and finally boxing them up! I print up the labels as orders come in. I find it saves me more time that way. This is 60 bars of my 100 new bars of soap that will be introduced in mid november! I’m very excited to show them to you guys! A lot of red, orange, and brown made it into this line but I do have some other colors tossed in. I’m hoping to list them the second or third week of November but I’ll keep you posted on an official date!

In the meantime, I have been listing a new limited edition item to the shop every monday! Last Mondays new addition was Snickerdoodle Wax Tarts for fresh-baked goodness at home. I’m sure I’ve said it a million times before but I love snickerdoodles! I’ll probably only bake 100 batches this winter for myself. Maybe for my boyfriend… if I feel like it! The blend of warm cinnamon and sweet sugar is so comforting without the extra calories! Best used for dinner parties so you can brag about all the time you spent slaving in the kitchen. I know you didn’t but I can keep a secret! 😉


Check out my shop tomorrow for a new limited edition! Hint: It’s a glycerin soap this time around! A somewhat familiar fragrance with more of a seasonal twist!


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