Etsy Review: Twine Bindery

October is in full swing, Halloween is coming, and it’s time for an October Etsy shop review! Once again I dive into the hundreds or thousands of Etsy shop looking for a nice item to review for you guys! This month we’re taking a different turn away from the jewelry and soap that has been repeated a few times before.

This month we look into book binding with TwineBindery in Florida! Twinebindery is run by Eileen with a specialty in customized journals, recipe books, and postcards. I was intrigued by her shop and her items seemed like an interesting way to test a shop with something custom. I know a lot of buyers are nervous about the cost/timeline of a custom item.

To start I placed my order late on September 30th. My package was delivered just yesterday. It wasn’t as long as some custom shops but it certainly was a wait for just one item. My order was for the Made to Order Recipe Book in Storm colored binding with my name and my boyfriends on the cover. The size is the smaller of the options, with the large version being added after I placed my order. Bummer, because I would’ve bought the large one…

My packaged arrived in a simple brown bag inside a bubble mailer. This kept it perfectly safe, even inside my small mailbox! Once I opened the bag I saw the most beautiful printing with my name and my boyfriends. The binding color was almost perfect (slightly blue showing on my monitor but I wasn’t disappointed), and it was inside a plastic bag tied with a twine bow. Aw! I couldn’t be happier with the cover! The binding seems solid put since it’s a twine binding obviously avoid using sharp objects or flame near it.

The inside has a measurement conversion chart (which I’ll probably use all the time) before coming to lined pages separating ingredients and directions. The pages are unnumbered but according to the description it has 50 pages. I think that’s a good size for a recipe book.

Overall, I highly recommend this shop if you’re looking for a recipe book or some kind of journal with your name/binding personalized. Just be aware of the time it takes from ordering until you receive it since it is made to order. Consider contacting Eileen to see if you can have your order prioritized. You never know!


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