Return of the Sampler!

Much like Back to the Future day, we went back in time and brought things back to the future! The wax tart sampler has made a return after multiple requests! The packaging has been upgraded to make it look more appealing and more sturdy. You can still buy 4 scents but in a prettier, sturdier package.

I’ve also created a soap sampler! Similar to the wax tart sampler, you can pick 4 scents of glycerin soap to try before you buy! As of now, only the Fall Collection is available for the soap collection but several scents from the Summer Collection are available for the wax tarts.

I’m sticking to the same formula as I did over the summer with the wax tarts for both new samplers. Once a scent sells out that’s it! Quantities are limited but I can’t take time to restock every sample scent once it sells out. The Winter Collection will also join the samplers when it releases in October. As of now I still haven’t chosen a solid date but I’m staying on the course for a mid-November release. In the meantime, check the shop every Monday for new Limited Edition scents and try out the samplers!


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