Product Spotlight: Pumpkin Spice Soap & Wax Tarts

The only thing to rival a cup of hot apple cider for the superior seasonal treat of Autumn is the great pumpkin pie. Starting in September farmers open up their pumpkin patches to eager children ready to carve Jack-O-Lanterns. Starbucks produces its best-selling seasonal drink to the parents of eager children. Families gather around the dinner table and enjoy a drink and conversation with a slice of delicious pumpkin pie.

Choosing a pumpkin scent for my shop was surprisingly difficult. You’d think “That’s easy! Any pumpkin is good!” but not every pumpkin fragrance is the same. I’ve smelled sweet pumpkin, spicy, nutty and any combination under the sun. Instead of trying to be fancy and eclectic I’d go with the one pumpkin scent everyone know: the traditional pumpkin pie scent.

I don’t think I need to say anything to convince you that this is a great wax tart. When haven’t you seen pumpkin in a candle/wax shop? You’d be hard pressed to find any place that hasn’t jumped on the pumpkin trend! Whether you have a pie craving or you’re trying to mask the smell of a pie that was in the oven a bit too long, this is an awesome scent that makes most people think of being home with family.

The Pumpkin Spice soap is currently listed on my Etsy shop for $6 USD and the wax tarts are listed for $5 USD. Explore your dark side with this masculine scent!


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