Big Updates! HBB, Winter Collection, Etc!

Hello everyone! This Sunday will be the first day of November but I only just received my Handmade Beauty Box on monday! I’ve been extremely busy with the business and personal tasks so I haven’t filmed it yet. it’s a pretty simple project so I should be able to film it quickly. I will try to post it with tomorrows blog post. If I don’t I promise I’ll post it on Tuesday next week! I want to apologize in advance for this being a short and the Handmade Beauty Box being delayed. The change in shipping times has been awful and left me little time to film, edit and upload.

Also I have been taking care of things in my personal life that have consumed large portions of my time. Just getting the normal daily tasks of cleaning, cooking and laundry have become harder! I really do apologize if my blog posts seem rushed or filler but I’m pressed for time and I don’t want to abandon my blog. The Winter release date is still set for November but that will depend on how quickly I can photograph my products (still dark and dreary in Washington) and make any adjustments. I’m going to try to aim for a week 2 or 3 release. I’ll update on the photo shoot day with a more concrete release date. Until I get some partially sunny days my photos won’t turn out right! The weather is supposed to turn on Wednesday and Thursday next week so keep your eyes peeled for an update! Thanks again for your patience as I iron out the important stuff.


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