Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day everyone! Today is a great day to thank any family, friends or neighbors for their military service. I have a cousin in the Navy currently stationed overseas. My grandfather on my father’s side also served in the military. Unfortunately, he passed away before I was born so I could never ask him about his time. I do know he was stationed in Johannesburg, South Africa during his time. I’m told it was one of his favorite places and that he always wanted to go back. It’s hard to be in the military. Some countries require military service! Thankfully, we do not which makes it even more amazing when people enlist.

Personally, I could never join the military but I know everyone is different. So, whether you know a member of the army reserves, marines, coast guard, or even a retired veteran, thank them for their contribution. I don’t think all the thanks in the world could take away the danger of their job, but I’m sure it makes their job feel a bit more special.


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