Etsy Review: Copper & Kraft

My office is freezing cold! I had 2 fans hooked up all summer in my office and now I feel nothing but contempt for the cold! My office, as well as my boyfriends, is at the front of the house where the sun shines on it for 90% of the day. My office would become an oven within an hour of being in it. Now that Autumn is in full swing we barely have any sunny days. The ball of fire I used to curse in August is gone and so is the comfort of a warm room. Since it looks like I won’t see a full day of sun until Spring I had to find other ways to stay warm! Time for some candle shopping!

This month I chose to review a candle/wax tart shop that caught my eye months ago. Copper & Kraft is an Etsy shop that sells wax tarts and candles in a variety of sizes. Theresa, the owner, offers probably the biggest variety of scents I’ve ever seen! Over 100 scents for every season, mood and whim. I ordered 3 2oz candle with the “pick your own sampler” section. I really like sampler sets and that I could choose the size of the candle. I ordered Frosted Pumpkin, Maple Bourbon Apples and Warm Apple Crisp. I also received a tea light of Falling Leaves.

Frosted Pumpkin– I love pumpkin scents! Obviously, why else would I have 2 different pumpkin scents in my own shop?  The scent description is as follows: “A deliciously warm recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting. You’ll absolutely love this pumpkin blend!” First sniff of this candle and the pumpkin was very prominent! The spice was lighter than most pumpkin scents with more emphasis on maple and honey. Once I burned it the spice felt more pronounced alongside the pumpkin. Unfortunately, despite the small size, the wax pool did not go to the edge of the tin. I left it burning for about 3 hours and it never reached completely around. The wax around the wick was unusual too. After it solidified the wax around the wick formed what looked like coral! Weird, but it still burns. Overall: 3.5/5


Maple Bourbon Apples– I’m not really a bourbon girl, but I know bourbon, maple and apple pair well together! Jim Beam has both maple and apple as a bourbon flavor. I was very curious once i read the description: “A new twist on the traditional apple fragrance. This fall favorite starts with crisp red apples and blends in a touch of vanilla, maple syrup and smooth bourbon.” Upon first sniff the ratio seems to be 75% apple, 20% maple, 5% bourbon. I really didn’t smell anything I could say definitively as bourbon. It smells very strongly of a sweet apple. It was incredibly mild so that could be why I didn’t smell much of the descriptive notes. Overall 3/5


Warm Apple Crisp– I was unsure if I’d like a bourbon scent in a candle so I wanted another apple scent. I love baked goods and the scent so Warm Apple Crisp was a no brainer! “A comforting medley of oven baked apples, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg with a buttery crumb topping.” Unfortunately I barely smelled anything in the description. I smelled apple and maybe a buttery note. It didn’t smell warm or baked at all pre-burn. This one smelled the most like the name during burning. I was skeptical but it wasn’t bad. My main complaint is that it’s way too mild! Overall 4/5


All in all, Copper & Kraft offers a wide variety of scents. You’ll have more options with this Etsy shop than most candle stores! My problem is that they are wayyyy too mild. I personally prefer strongly scented candles. When I get sick the first thing I lose is my sense of smell. It was nearly impossible to smell these candles while I was sick the last few days. It wasn’t much better when I could smell properly. I seem to share this criticism with other customers. Maybe it’s a bit better with larger candles. I would say give this shop a shot. The mini travel candles make great stocking stuffers but be prepared for a milder aroma compared to other brands. This may be a great shop for your Christmas shopping!


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