Thanksgiving & Black Friday Updates!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Is everyone excited? I know I’m excited to make my fresh cranberry sauce! My boyfriend and I don’t have family visiting this year, and frankly I’m so busy and tired most days that I’m kind of glad. It’s been an exhausting week behind the scenes. My personal life is making some changes but they shouldn’t have much of an impact on the business. Speaking of the business, it’s time to talk about the sales and holiday shipping!

You may recall my post yesterday with the dates that you have to order by to ensure a Christmas Eve (or earlier) delivery. You can read all about it here. I’ll try to ship out orders as soon as I can! Naturally anything ordered today or tomorrow can’t ship until Friday at the earliest. Domestic orders are always shipped with Priority Mail while international customers may choose between First Class or Priority Mail. I’m not going to go into detail too much on the dates but I really don’t advise waiting too long. You run the risk of product selling out the longer you wait! If you’re waiting for a sale you can always use promo code CELEBRATE100 for 10% an order of $20 or more!

I bet you want to know about any Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales right? I thought for a while about what I wanted to do. I looked at other Etsy shops to look for patterns and promotions. I can’t offer a free shipping code just because even First Class mail internationally is really expensive! The reason I use Priority Mail for domestic because I can guarantee a certain price for shipping. For first class it is calculated by weight. Do you know how expensive it is to ship even a few bars via First class? The cost of shipping could be even higher depending on the size of your order. I may make it an option in the future, but for this year it will remain as the only option for domestic orders. Instead, I decided to create a promo code for 20%! For a minimum purchase of $5 you can save $20 off your order! The promo code, BLACKFRIDAY20, will be available for this friday (11/27) only! Thanksgiving is for family, not shopping. Spend time with your relatives, enjoy some good food, argue about religion or politics and relax.

I’ll be processing orders in the order I receive them, like I always do. If for any reason I can not ship your order right away I will send you a message on Etsy! I will do the same thing if I encounter a stock issue! For example, I have to manually update my samplers with the quantities of each scent. If I only have 5 of a particular scent and 7 orders for it I’ll treat it as a first come, first served basis. I hope this issue will not come up but I will keep all customers in the loop and help to find a solution. Have a great holiday everyone!


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