Handmade Beauty Box- November 2015- Mint Julep Lip Balm

Tis the season to make stocking stuffers! Fa-la-la-la-laaaaaa! December is here but I finally got around to uploading the November Handmade Beauty Box. Sorry for the delay! With the holidays and personal stuff going on I just didn’t have the time set aside. But it’s here and it’s a bit familiar…

Yes, we’re making lip balm. Again. If you recall the March Handmade Beauty Box was a cuticle balm/lip balm kit. As much as I hate repeats this one is pretty different from the March project. While the basic ingredients are almost the same this month comes with 3 new additions: New packaging, color and flavor!

I think this project was 10 time better than the previous one! It was a little tricky pouring the lip balm into the shallow pots but not impossible. I used very little green because too much and your lips will surely turn evergreen! The mint julep flavor smells great! In all honesty, it smells really similar to my Moroccan Mint products from the summer! Not that that’s a bad thing. 😉

Overall I highly recommend this project for stocking stuffers. It’s quick and relatively easy to make. You end up with 32 total I believe, which is more than enough for family, friends and co workers! The best part is it’s really easy to make again since it only uses 3 base ingredients! I may have to make these again in the future.  If you’re interested in making this again or something similar you can purchase the individual kit again at handmadebeautybox.com or check out brambleberry.com if you want to tweak it!

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