Stocking Stuffer Ideas! International Orders CLOSED!

International orders are closed as of today! Thank you to my fellow Brits and others across the globe who took the time to place an order! I hope your package gets to you fast with no issues! Domestic orders are still being taken until December 20th! After the 20th nothing will be guarenteed until after the holidays! Unless maybe you live here in Washington state… But other than that you must place an order before the 20th to get it in time for Christmas Eve delivery!

If you’re unsure of what to purchase for loved ones or want more of a stocking stuffer, I couldn’t suggest the samplers enough! For only $4 you get a choice of 4 glycerin soaps or wax tarts in whatever scent you choose! I leave the available scents listed in the description of both samplers. If you want some suggestions keep an eye out for suggestion postings on this blog in the days leading up to the holidays!

Another gift idea is one of our festive Limited Editions items. This year we have Cafe Caramel and Pumpkin Cupcake soaps that are delicious! Pumpkin Cupcake is great for all ages- especially kids! Who doesn’t love a hot caramel coffee with this weather? The caffeine addicts in your life will love you for it!

The wax tarts are in very limited quantity (Winter Spruce sold out fast!) so those might be best reserved for your special someone or a parent. Holiday Candy is a light, sweet scent that will have your head spinning! Or maybe that’s the sugar rush… Just as sweet, you can give Toasted Marshmallow a whirl! I could think of a few scents you could mix with that one!

My personal favorites are tied between my favorite Snickerdoodle and the warm scent of Butterscotch Rum Brittle. Both evoke a lot of childhood memories of baking in the kitchen with my mother and this quaint antique shop in my local area that always smelled of spices and cheer around the holidays.

Whatever you decide, I hope everyone has a great holiday season filled with family, joy and hopefully tons of food!


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