Product Spotlight: Caramelized Crimson Pear

Apparently today is national brownie day. I don’t know how official this is but I won’t let little details like that stop me from baking today! The weather is cold and windy, the perfect baking weather. With all the holiday get togethers going around I’m sure families across the country are firing up their ovens with delicious treats. Instead of talking about brownies or cookies I’m going to talk about a more unusual treat: Caramelized Crimson Pear!

With just a quick google search you’ll find recipe after recipe for a caramelized pear. While it might not be as common as pumpkin pie it can be made to fit a lot of different tastes! I’ve seen it paired with chocolate, nuts and vanilla ice cream! Mmmm… I love pears (Remember my Crisp Anjou Pear products from the summer? They’re still available) so I was already halfway sold when I came across this sweet treat. I can not stop raving about this scent! It’s easy one of my favorite scents from my Winter Collection!

This fragrance is rich and warm with a sweet base of vanilla, drizzled with honey and caramel. Maple butter and caramelized brown sugar topped on a ripe crimson pair put this fragrance in foodie heaven! Any baker would love this scent burning in their home or washing with it if they’re really into baked goods! Paired with lovely rich warm tones of red and orange, this soap would look beautiful on your soap dish!

I’m not saying you should buy all of these… but you might want to! Give this scent a whirl with our soap or wax tart sampler and you’ll understand why I say this fragrance belongs in foodie heaven!


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