Gifting Ideas- Samplers

Christmas is a time of family, friends, and cheer. It can also be a big time for stress. Arranging flights, gathering together family that may or may not be so cheerful, and getting your kids that toy that they absolutely need or they’ll never be the same again! Holiday shopping is stressful for everyone, me included! Do you think my boyfriend gives me a nicely sorted list? Pfffttt! I wish. Most of the time I’m left fending for myself trying to find a gift he’ll like while still being practical.

While the gift of soap and wax tarts certainly isn’t for everyone (Kids will probably look at you like you have a 3rd head while desperately rummaging for a real gift) it’s one of the easiest ways to gift a wife, girlfriend, sister or aunt. The rumors are true: women like things that smell good. Do you think the yearly “I got everyone a candle” gifter is joking? Women love to smell good and things that smell good!

I’m selling gift box samplers of my glycerin soap and soy-based wax tarts this holiday season. If you think that’s something nobody buys for the holidays you’re wrong! Every makeup and bath & beauty shop across the country prepares gift baskets and samplers for the people who have run out of ideas and patience. Just recently I fulfilled a custom order for 8 soap samplers! With 4 soaps a box that runs about… 32 individually bagged soaps! Someone is going to have a very good smelling family!

If you’re interested in buying a sampler but don’t quite know what to pick I have a few ideas in mind. Always be sure to check the availability of a scent in the description of the sampler before placing an order. Keep in mind that some of the scents listed below aren’t available as soap and wax tarts:

Foodie Sampler:

Apple Cinnamon + Caramelized Crimson Pear + Pomegranate Cider + Spiced Holiday Fruit

Masculine Sampler (Hey, guys love to smell good too!):

Alpine Frost + Arabian Spice + Black Tea + Spiced Amber Ale

Holiday Cheer:

Candy Cane + Holiday Candy + Hot Cocoa + Pumpkin Spice

Bakers Delight:

Butterscotch Rum Brittle + Caramelized Crimson Pear + Cinnamon Sugar + Snickerdoodle

Kid Friendly:

Candy Cane + Cranberry Chutney + Gingersnap + Red Apple


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