Week-In-Instagram: Dec 6th- Dec 12th

Only 12 more days till Christmas! Yay! I’m very excited this Sunday. Not only is Christmas just around the corner, but it’s 1 month until my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend. Winter may be my least favorite season, but it has some of my favorite celebrations!

We start off the week by looking back on a bittersweet moment. Crisp Cotton and Winter Spruce have sold out in my shop. Crisp Cotton had interest here and there that kept it around for a bit while Winter Spruce sold out pretty fast! It’s my fastest selling Limited Edition wax tart! I guess that means that tree scents are popular! Don’t feel too bad, Alpine Frost is a similar scent that is still available in soap and wax tarts. Better hurry though, it’s very popular and selling fast!

While some Limited Editions have come and gone for the holiday season I have plenty of soaps to stuff your stockings! Pumpkin Cupcake and Cafe Caramel are my sudsy seasonal offerings. Hey, try saying that 5 times fast! Pumpkin Cupcake is sweet with just a little spice, which makes it great for all ages! Sweet and sugary for the kids, with more mature spice notes for adults. Cafe Caramel is all the goodness of a fresh brewed coffee with sweet caramel, without setting up a coffee maker! What can you do with these smaller soaps? They’re great sizes for a guest bathroom, small enough to fit into a makeup bag for holiday travel, and the perfect size for the creative types that make their own gift baskets (I also take custom orders for those who don’t have time to make gift baskets!).

I’ve been baking every week since November due to the cold, damp weather here in the Pacific NorthWest. Between my sweet tooth and my boyfriends rare cravings, I can’t keep baked goods in this house longer than a few days! This past week was National Brownie Day, which I think we should petition to make a calendar holiday. I took advantage of this quirky celebration and did a little baking of my own. Cookies + Brownies = The greatest idea ever! Seriously, you haven’t lived until you tried it!


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