Week-In-Instagram: Dec 13th- Dec 19th

Sorry for the extremely late posting. I had some early afternoon appointments that ran late so I’m rapidly typing this out! Don’t you hate when things run later than expected? That’s why I always make sure to be at least 10 minutes early. That’s some good advice for anything.

Anyway, TODAY is the LAST DAY to place a domestic order! All orders placed on Monday, December 21st will be shipped on the 22nd and will get to you sometime after December 25th.

I hope everyone has finished wrapping their gifts! I’m all set and ready for Christmas Day. My boyfriend still has to wrap a present yet but he still has some time. The temptation to peek is overwhelming sometimes!

The outdoor decorations… uh, decoration is looking festive and cute! We don’t have a lot of space so we needed a small, yet festive decoration. Our front door is set back a bit so nothing could be seen there. We settled on this Christmas dachshund since we both love dogs and the hat and sweater was too cute! The winds have been blowing him over a lot lately so we have to reattach his head almost daily! I know the feeling…

Inside the tree is nicely trimmed! The tree on the left was last year. We chose the traditional red and green to go with the gingerbread house ornament for our new home. This year, we chose a blue and silver “Winter Wonderland” theme since neither of us have had a tree like that growing up. It’s so nice to alternate themes every year! I have to give credit to my boyfriend for putting garland on the hand railings this year.

Happy holidays to all!


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