Product Spotlight: German Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t love dessert? I don’t think I need to tell you about my love of sweet- my business is covered in it! From fruit scents to desserts I can’t get enough of sweet scents and tastes. The holidays are a great time to express my love of all things sweet with all the delicious desserts of cookies, cakes and pies. I wanted to go a bit out of the box from the traditional apple and pumpkin that I used in my Fall Collection so I dug deep until I found a delicious fragrance: German Chocolate Cake!

While German Chocolate Cake might not be the first dessert that comes to mind for December, or even top 5, it is a delicious dessert that I recommend everyone try at least once! Did you know that contrary to the name, this chocolately dream does not originate in Germany? It’s named after the creator Samuel German!

Top notes of almond and coconut are whipped into richer middle notes of toffee and chocolate layered over warm base notes of butterscotch, vanilla and chocolate! Like baking a cake, this scent contains a lot of ingredients to create the perfect cake… fragrance!

I took inspiration from the layer cake to create a layered design for the glycerin soap. A dark brown bottom layer with a lighter brown layer on top to resemble an actual slice of cake. The richness is just as good in the wax tarts. Be warned, it may be too delicious to melt without wanting a slice!


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