Etsy Review: iPrintPoster

Christmas is practically here (can you believe how the time flies?) and as a special gift I will give the final review of the year. This month, I return to the home decor category for some more wall art! This time, I wanted to test out ordering internationally! Let us review iPrintPoster in Greece!

iPrintPoster is my first international order from Etsy. I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous to order. You hear all kinds of nightmares and horror stories about packages disappearing or getting damaged. I was nervous from the moment I ordered until the moment I opened my package! I did choose the faster shipping option since I knew every delivery option was swamped with holiday packages. It was worth the extra price! It was $26.26 for courier shipping (approx 4 business days) which is pretty costly but my package came within about a week! The best part was being able to choose my delivery day so I could be home when it got here!

Konstantinos, the owner of iPrintPoster, was very friendly and kept me up to date on the shipping. He has a great variety of posters available to purchase. From maps to quotes to characters the variety is great. I chose a black and white print of Seattle. It really was a no brainer! Choosing the size was a bit harder. I measured out the place where I planned to put it and settled on 24 x 36 inches. The sizes range from 5 x 7 to 24 x 36 so you have options to play with if space is tight or your wall of choice is large and bare.

If color is more your thing the same city skyline print is available in a multicolor option! Overall, I love my print and I love this shop! I may eventually purchase the multicolor Seattle skyline for my office. I highly recommend if you do purchase a city skyline to go big for the details to really come through. Thank you Konstantinos! Merry Christmas and a happy holiday to all!


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