Week-In-Instagram: Dec 27th- Jan 2nd

First blog post of the New Year! Now is the time for resolutions and beginning a fresh start. I’ve already made a few small resolutions that I’m hoping to stick to this year. One of them is learning Italian! I’m using an app called DuoLingo in an attempt to expand my horizons. Why Italian? Well, my boyfriend is Italian and knows a little bit of it. Not enough for a full conversation but he helps me with the accent. Also, it’s very similar to Spanish so if you know one the other will quickly follow! I hope…

Part of my goals for the year is using a planner for the whole year! Last year I started strong in January and didn’t pick it up again until September… Not great. Since I’ve started again I’ve become addicted and I’m doing a lot more in the day than I normally would. Most days I end up doing a lot of half tasks so nothing gets done. I highly recommend a planner if you have even a slightly busy schedule!

Did I mention that I’m addicted? This might be a bit much for most people. I’m a visual learner with a very active creative brain, so this makes sense to me! I’m very big on color and the different colors for each month helps me sort everything out. Plus, one I’ve filled it up at the end of the year it will be a lovely “scrapbook” of my year.

Puzzle done? Check! I nearly lost my mind when I couldn’t find the last piece! I found it stuck under the box… Phew! It drives me crazy when I can’t find a piece! I’m not sure which puzzle I’ll put together next. I may have to check out puzzlewarehouse for some new ones. I might try to find a vintage style puzzle like this one again.

Reminder: Blog posts will now be every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday!

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